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Fast Dark Spot Remover / Color Correction Fade Exfoliator, Safe Home Treatment for Hyperpigmentation & Melasma, Hydroquinone Maximum Strength

Repurchased multiple times

Love these so much, and have repurchased them multiple times.

For baseline: I deal with sun spots and obsessive skin picking -- no damaging ingredients; soothing; love the shape and sizing; help me cope with skin picking; great value

My skin is the clearest it's been in years, and while I wouldn't say it's only because of these, this haas definitely helped reduce my sun spots

spot body

it's ok

Order Not fulfilled

It has been 3 weeks since I placed my order and still have not received a tracking update or the product.

Dart spot remover

I have been using this produce for about 6 weeks now. The body wash has great lather.
That's it.. The dark spot corrector does no work absolutely no change . I would not repurchase these products.

Haven’t seen any lightning yet.

Always a Repurchase

I plan to repurchase this forever, it definitely fades my dark spots and helped even my skin tone out. The body wash has a light pleasant smell and absorbs into my oily combo skin well. I pair this with tretinoin every night and no irritation occurred. Highly recommend this product!

Removed my dark spots for less

Third time buying. SAVES my skin from the weather.

Few things make me more anxious than not liking my photos. I noticed these dark spots and didn’t know where to start. I tried to find all sorts of ways to remove it… I even watched videos on TikTok and called it research LOL

I found this exfoliator and decided to try it. It was within my budget and is money I’d otherwise spend on coffee or something.

I started using it and my dark spots actually went away. It was exciting to see it ACTUALLY WORKED.

PROS: It removed my dark spots for A LOT LESS, was delivered to my door, and saved me time.

CONS: I had to use it everyday for it to work.

Dark Spot Remover Exfoliator Very Good!

I recommend this product. I have seen a change in my complexion for the better. I am going to get another.


I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!! I had gotten darker dark spots all over my face with my last pregnancy and I think I’ll never get rid of theses spots….. WRONG I did with this product. Everyone should try it!!! It totally make me have myself confidence back!!! Thank you

Love This!

I was a little skeptical about this product but thought oh go ahead and try it!
It really works!!! I am so happy I tried it.
Thank you 😊

As described

This is the only product I've bought for the brown spots that I have seen work. They are already fading and haven't used long. Recommended

Stop Guessing Body Wash for Blotches, Dark Spot Removal/Color Correction, Safe Home Treatment, Maximum Strength

Great product

So far I've been using for a week and can see a reduction in my dark spots and they are lightening significantly. thx!

Stop Guessing Body Scrub for Fast Dark Spot Removal / Age Spot Remover, Safe Home Treatment for Hyperpigmentation & Melasma, Maximum Strength

My spots are getting lighter after a week. I will continue to use it for best results. Jay

Stop Guessing Body Scrub for Fast Dark Spot Removal / Age Spot Remover, Safe Home Treatment for Hyperpigmentation & Melasma, Maximum Strength

Good home remedy for hyperpigmentation

It removed my dark spots from the sun really fast

Diminished my scarring from pityriasis rosea!

Could not recommend this product more! I additionally purchased this to clear up my scarring from pityriasis rosea. This product cleared my scars within 2 weeks. Additionally, it cleared up my keratosis pilaris. I used the product each time I showered (2x per day) along with an exfoliating cloth. I highly recommend this product if you’re looking to treat KP, PR or any other skin related issue that causes scarring. 10 out of 10

Spots on my arms and legs