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Brighter and glowing

This is a great mask. Those dark spots and acne scars from my college days are as stubborn as it is. I am glad I found this product because this really helped me with those scars. My skin is brighter and glowing.

I will be reordering

I am very prone to acne and blackhead and had been wanting to try a black mask for some time. This one had a lot of good reviews so I gave it a go. It pulled so much junk out of my pores! I was surprised because it wasn't particularly difficult or painful to pull off. I also have very sensitive skin and this didn't cause any irritation. I will definitely be reordering!

Definitely recommend this product!

This is amazing omg. It makes my skin so smooth, has a good texture to it and doesn't dry out and burn like other face masks do with my skin. it doesn't really have a scent or smell which is kind of a plus for me.

Super thankful for this.

This is the only face mask I've tried so far that makes my dull skin come alive. I'm a janitor so I'm around chemicals a lot and by the end of the day I'm tired and my skin looks dull but this face mask brings my skin back to life. I also love how this mask fixed those acne scars I had. Now I have glowing and brighter skin. Thanks to this. Definitely recommend.

This is a great product

Overall, it's a great product and I would recommend you to buy it if you are looking for something to do the job of removing your acne and blackheads without causing irritation or blemishes on your skin.

I totally love this

I bought this for acne scars. This mask is magical and did wonders in vanishing the acne scars almost immediately. My skin has visibly gotten better! Love this!

Consistent improvement

Wow! I was really impressed by this mask. I definitely notice a lovely glow the next morning after wearing this before I go to bed. I have noticed this on a consistent basis. The mask is also not sticky or difficult to remove. Highly recommend it!

It does not leave me irritated

I bought this product a little while ago and make sure to always wear it once every two weeks after taking a shower and it honestly has made a difference on my skin. It clearly has taken some blackhead or anything bumpy on the surface of my skin, & dead skin off. It does not leave my skin irritated, on the contrary it leaves it smooth and is quite easy to peel off. I have acne prone skin and I didn't break out while using this product so I definitely recommend it if you are acne prone skin and are scared of using this product due to breakouts because it didn't cause me to break out.

Great product

GREAT for those stubborn acne scars. Got rid of those scars. have had for a month in 3 days. Worth it! These are life savers ! I LOVE THESE , they stick well to the skin unlike other brands. I swear by these , it makes my acne scars go away super fast.

These are wild

I put them on at night and when I wake up all the acne scars. I use them every night. I’m obsessed. This product is a miracle worker. It works so well. I highly recommend it.

This is not for me

I wanted to try another more convenient skin care product as my favorite is out of stock. I didn’t like this one. It didn’t brighten, had color and fragrance added. Lots of people like it but not for me.

Thumbs Up

I just started using for about two weeks now and beginning to see results.

Buy it, you will not regret it

Truly a beautiful mask that provides exfoliation & hydration all in one. I LOVE IT!! I am all about minimizing steps where I can while utilizing QUALITY multi-tasking products & this mask delivers! Plus the fact it’s from a CLEAN brand with top notch ingredients that are actually GOOD for your skin health, that’s like a cherry on top! It literally leaves my skin soft like a baby’s bottom & hydrated. Truly a home SPA treatment without the SPA cost. If you’ve been thinking about this mask, I say buy it, you will not regret it!

I love this!

These masks performed beyond my expectations. These are amazing and work exactly as described. Works well on my skin type.

Miracle worker

After only a week of using this product morning and night after washing my face I have already experienced the magic happening. I have 3 daughters and I am 40 years old. I unfortunately have melasma from all three pregnancies. Nothing has helped until now. I am literally witnessing my eleven blotchy skin tone become what it once was before my first pregnancy.

Utterly amazing and perfect mask.

Have been trying a few higher end products, have mature skin and this mask has been by far the best one. Highly recommend it! This really helped with my acne scars and dark spots.

I am a fan now!

I am not a huge mask person—I usually do masks for the self care routine and not so much for any real expectations. However, after using this I definitely noticed a difference. My skin was glowing, and it looked like I just got a facial! This is the only mask I’ve ever had such great results with, and I'm someone with sensitive combination skin that breaks out easily.

Literally no changes

I tried this product for about a month before submitting a review. The ingredients list is solid and reviews looked good. The product smells nice, just a light smell and goes on nicely and absorbs quickly. I didn’t really notice any skin changes. I was hoping that this mask would help brighten and even my skin complexion and I didn’t notice any changes really. But for having sensitive skin it didn’t break me out which was a huge plus.

The best mask I owned

Easily the best mask I have ever owned. The results are instant. This has become a staple in my skin routine. It helps with dark spots, inconsistencies and damaged skin. Every time I use it my skin glows for days. Gentle enough to use on my sensitive, dry skin and doesn’t irritate my rosacea patches.

This is what I just needed!

This mask had my skin glowing, feeling supple and moisturized. This was a perfect amount of hydration and moisture my sensitive skin needs in winter!

This is the first one that works for me!

So I tried this on a whim and YESS!! I have combo/sensitive skin and I had tons of mask from high end to low end and I’ve always broken out, looked super shiny and greasy and this is the first mask to work for me. I’ve had mine for a month and I'm not half way through.

This is the first one that works for me!

So I tried this on a whim and YESS!! I have combo/sensitive skin and I had tons of mask from high end to low end and I’ve always broken out, looked super shiny and greasy and this is the first mask to work for me. I’ve had mine for a month and I'm not half way through.

I can’t live without this!

This cleared up my hormonal acne and kept it under control for the last few years. It absorbs quickly, is not sticky or tacky and my other skin care layers over it easily. I use it at night only, so can’t comment on how it wears under makeup. I sincerely hope they never stop making this!

I can see results immediately!

I’ve been dealing with deep, cystic hormonal acne along my jawline. An article I read on treatment options recommended this product. I’ve had it for about 3 days and already I’ve seen a huge difference. Both in look of the zits and the pain level. It’s clear so it can be worn during the day. I’ve done morning and night treatments so far and don’t see a lot of dry spots which I was worried about. I highly recommend it!

This heals my skin!

I was very skeptical prior to using this product based on some of the other reviews I read. After 2 days of using the product, I can definitely say it has helped reduce the size and redness of my breakouts, to the point where they are healing before a white head can become visible. Would recommend this product and plan to purchase it again.