Our Story

Why I Started Stop Guessing

When I was born, I had a dark spot on my face. Some people thought my dark spot was dirt and tried to clean it off. My early experiences set into motion my life's work of abstract problem solving and being comfortable in my own skin.

There wasn’t a clear solution to solving my skin problems. Navigating all the mixed messages was confusing because everyone thinks they’re a dermatologist. When I was a teenager, I had a buffet approach to skincare products. When I got a scholarship to UC Berkeley and graduated with a degree in Politics and Technology, I had a more method driven approach to my skin.When I started modeling and was in Vogue, I got help from great skin doctors and used better products because it was important for my job

Seeing my dark spot go away over the years helped me create my vision for Stop Guessing.

I believe skincare has nothing to do with celebrity. There’s been so much focus on fashion, that no one considers what good ingredients can do for you.

Even though I can't go back in time and tell a younger me that my dark spot won’t always be so dark, I can help you. Your face is in good hands.