Our Story

Why I Started Stop Guessing

When I was born, I had a dark spot on my face. Some people thought it was dirt and would sincerely wipe it off my face.😭 My early incidents with my dark spot set into motion my life's work of abstract problem solving and being comfortable in your own skin. 🧠💪

There wasn’t a clear solution to solving my skin problems. 🤔 Navigating all the mixed messages was confusing because everyone thinks they’re a dermatologist.🙄 When I was a teenager, I had a buffet approach to skincare products. 🤦‍♂️ When I got a scholarship to UC Berkeley and graduated with a degree in Politics and Technology, I had a more method driven approach to my skin. 🤓🤖 When I started modeling (and got published in Vogue), I was given access to better dermatologists and better ingredients, since there was money at stake. 🎩🍾

Watching my dark spot fade with years helped me develop my vision for Stop Guessing.🔮

I believe skincare has nothing to do with fashion. There’s been so much focus on celebrity and fashion, that no one considers what technology can do for you. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is intervention enough. It's not about piling on products, it's about finding the right ingredients at the right time to get the job done. I started a skincare company because I wanted to stop guessing. And through AI, we can Stop Guessing. 

Wall Street uses AI to keep clients from making mistakes: Why don’t skincare companies do the same thing?

As Isaac Newton himself memorably put it in a letter to Robert Hook in 1675: “If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” Here are some examples of how giant AI is:

AI can Diagnose skin cancer more effectively than dermatologists

AI was able to beat the world's best chess player at Chess 

AI has beat the world's best Go Player at Go

AI gave us the self driving cars 

AI has been able to discover a new antibiotic (Halicin)

AI has been able to discover a new Antimalarial drug

Science is relentless and self correcting, and so should your skincare routine.

If you want beautiful skin then I need to turn your skin into data. Learning which ingredients work against which skin problems requires a database of people, their skin problems, the ingredients tried, and the outcomes.

We can get this data from selfies! The candid photos from smartphones, which often magnify imperfections, can be used to solve that skin problem! In a way, photos we delete are more valuable than the ones we keep!

How am I qualified to deliver this app for you? 

When building an algorithm I need to think in 3 dimensions:

  • How can I solve your skin problem now?

  • How can I solve your skin problem without damaging your skin?

  • What can I do now that will preemptively solve future skin problems?

Even though I can't go back in time and tell a younger me that my dark spot won’t always be so dark, I can help you. No one likes to look in their selfie and see things they don’t want to see.

The most important project you will ever work on is yourself.  When you look great… you feel great! And when you feel great… you look even greater! 

From the tiniest nucleus to the farthest galaxy, science helps us extend beyond our range. From submarines that got us to the bottom of the ocean to spacesuits that got us to the moon, technology changes our sense of possible. Technology has decreased in size and grown in power. In other words: Beautiful skin isn’t a moonshot and the ability to get clear skin is in your pocket. 

People lose their compass because it's hard to navigate the noisy product jungle and quick fix filters. If the Stop Guessing app is your compass, then your skin won’t be thrown by every bump in the road because there’s a underlying control center to your skincare routine

If you want beautiful skin, then you should get it. 

Your face is in good hands! ❤