Retinol Mud Mask for Acne and Deep Blackhead Removal

Retinol Mud Mask for Acne and Deep Blackhead Removal
Retinol Mud Mask for Acne and Deep Blackhead Removal
Retinol Mud Mask for Acne and Deep Blackhead Removal
Retinol Mud Mask for Acne and Deep Blackhead Removal
Retinol Mud Mask for Acne and Deep Blackhead Removal

Retinol Mud Mask for Acne and Deep Blackhead Removal

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Here’s Exactly How Our Ingredients Eliminates Blackheads


Retinol exfoliates to remove dirt, dead skin cells, and oil from pores. This helps prevent the formation of blackheads. It also works by literally getting under your skin, unlike many other blackhead treatments. Tiny molecules penetrate the middle layer of your skin (dermis), where retinol stimulates the production of collagen and elastin.

Green Tea

Many studies also indicate that applying green tea directly to the skin may help with acne. Research shows that the main antioxidant in green tea — epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) — reduces sebum production, fights inflammation, and inhibits the growth of P. acnes in individuals with acne-prone skin.

Jojoba oil

At least one clinical trial indicates that jojoba oil can help keep acne at bay. Jojoba oil has soothing anti-inflammatory agents, healing properties, is moisturizing, and is a natural antimicrobial. These properties suggest that jojoba oil could help you avoid breakouts as well as promote healing for acne.


Aloe has antibacterial properties that can help control and reduce acne-causing bacteria.

What to Expect

  • Prevents Future Problems
  • Concentrated formula works with all skin types
  • It's never too early or too late to remove blackheads
  • Never let a blackhead slow you down
  • Every Clogged Pore has a solution

What to Expect

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Customer Reviews

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Diana Wong
Maybe this is not right for me

I don't know what to say. I keep using it, but I used it twice in one week and it really messed up my skin. I have normal/oily skin, and when I used it twice, it almost felt like I had a sunburn and then I broke out like mad!

If you don't overdo it, it's OK, but it didn't do much for my skin. If you're looking to clear your skin up, go with a different kind of mask.

One of my favorites

I have very fair and sensitive skin so I was hesitant about trying this. I am prone to mild breakouts and was worried the scent in this may be too much for me. I was very surprised that the smell was nice and non-irritating. The mask itself felt very luxurious on my skin. It did not take very much product to cover my face so I believe it is a good value. I am happy to say there was no irritation and It left my skin feeling very soft. I have tried other masks but this is now one of my favorites.

This one rock

I have oily/combination skin that can sometimes be sensitive. I LOVE this mask. It does exactly what it says it does. I use this at night twice a week. I put it on after I wash my face, let it sit for fifteen minutes, then wash it off and continue with my usual skincare routine. When I wake up in the morning, my skin is REMARKABLY smoother. Again, I love this mask. It has a really nice herbal scent which is an extra nice perk. I also like the packaging. I do like masks that come in a jar so brownie points for that. The only reason why I didn't give it 5 stars is that the formula contains some ingredients that I don't feel serve any purpose and it doesn’t wash off easily. This mask didn't burn my face but it definitely made it feel a little tingly so sensitive people may want to test a small spot on their face before applying it over the entire face.

Kristen R.
Great mask for the most part

I love the color of this mask and it has a nice smell to it. I've had moderate-severe acne for 7 years now, so you could say I have acne-prone skin, & it's also pretty sensitive. This doesn't irritate my sensitive skin and doesn't break me out (more than usual anyway). It makes my skin super soft and my face has a glow to it after using too! The only reason I rated it a 4 is because it claims to reduce pores but I didn't see that happen at all. I have pretty noticeable pores so I would see if they changed at all. Good for soft skin though!

Michie L.
I recommend this product

The mask wasn't too heavy. It has a slight grittiness in it that is to be expected with a mud mask. It dried down pretty quickly and my skin was tight but not uncomfortable while it was on. My face felt very soft after using it. My pores aren't very visible, to begin with, but they were even less noticeable afterward. It washed off easy enough as well. It didn't make me break out either which is good. All in all, I would recommend this product.

Marka Pricke

I'm already a Bioformula fan, to begin with, and I LOVE their mask so I was ecstatic to try another face mask from them!

Not going to lie, my absolute favorite face mask is still the clay mask but this will definitely be my 2nd favorite. Easily a pea-sized amount goes a long way and you just need to spread a thin layer to your entire face to leave on for 20 mins. When you wash off the mask, it naturally exfoliates your entire skin/pore and leaves your skin feel so fresh/clean/soft!

The only downside is that the feels are slightly stronger than the clay mask so it leaves your skin feeling slightly tight and dry instead of soft so I'd immediately apply moisturizer after the mask!

Perfect for Oily Congested Skin

First Impression: Smells DIVINE. Not that that is an indicator of efficacy, but more so than any other skincare I do you think masks should be PLEASURABLE. As the name indicates it is a mud base, but it's soft and silky, not chunky and rough like some other masks (I'm looking at you GlamGlow). I applied it with an old foundation brush, but your fingers would do just fine.

What's Good About It: I've used this mask once a week for two weeks now, and after each use, I saw a noticeable difference. Skin texture seemed smoother, pores looked smaller and more refined, not a "glow" like a do, but my skin looked CLEAR if that makes sense. Fresh.

What's Not So Good About It: It did leave me a little dry, but I have extremely dry skin, which is why I say I think this mask would be PERFECT for oilier skin types. Also, don't use a white washcloth to wash off this mask, it is VERY gray.

Pro Tip: if you're dry like me, but still want to benefit from the resurfacing properties, I would recommend adding a drop or two of oil.

Not for sensitive skin

Now this mask is great but I definitely wouldn't recommend it if you have sensitive skin because I did notice that it felt like it burned, but overall I did notice my face looking smoother. I have textured skin and since I don't have some of my old products that use to make my skin less textured this was something I wanted to try. My face is feeling a lot less textured since I've used this mask. I can definitely get over the tingling sensation because it didn't really damage my skin.


The jar lasts for about five uses so they are great if you’re looking to try out the product! I love how clean and bright my skin looks and feels after use. My skin texture does seem more even. I do have sensitive, dry skin and I find that while this doesn’t dry it out more, it does produce a bit of redness (probably from scrubbing) so I do follow up with the moisturizer to help calm the redness. I will continue to repurchase!

You should try it too

My kind of mask! I am trying to use up my older masks so I may be on a mask overload right now but as long as my skin doesn’t get irritated, I consider a mask a “keeper” or something I will purchase. My skin gets unusually dirty as work. Before showering for work, I looked thru my stash and found this. It’s got a very earthly feeling and you get a good face massage when you apply it. The smell is very important to me especially if you have to wait for the mask to dry, you kinda wanna like it. It’s great!
My face felt pretty good and my skin seems to absorb my moisturizer well. Try it out. I think you may like it too!

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