Body Wash for Melasma Treatment - Dark Spot Remover / Age Spot Remover - Hydroquinone + Kojic Acid Maximum Strength

Body Wash for Melasma Treatment - Dark Spot Remover / Age Spot Remover - Hydroquinone + Kojic Acid Maximum Strength
Body Wash for Melasma Treatment - Dark Spot Remover / Age Spot Remover - Hydroquinone + Kojic Acid Maximum Strength
Body Wash for Melasma Treatment - Dark Spot Remover / Age Spot Remover - Hydroquinone + Kojic Acid Maximum Strength
Body Wash for Melasma Treatment - Dark Spot Remover / Age Spot Remover - Hydroquinone + Kojic Acid Maximum Strength

Body Wash for Melasma Treatment - Dark Spot Remover / Age Spot Remover - Hydroquinone + Kojic Acid Maximum Strength

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Tough on Dark Spots. Safe on Skin.

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This Body Wash left my skin super hydrated and glowing!

So I bought the entire line of Bioformula products and all of them have done wonders for my skin. I am 21 and I have normal skin. I have Darkspots and occasional breakouts, also I felt like my skin's ph levels were not balanced because one day I would be oily the next dry, and so on. I decided to change my routine from harsh Clinique Products that were doing nothing for my skin to Bioformula products and I do not regret it.

HOWEVER, the first time I used this product I thought to myself "I just found heaven in a bottle for my skin" because it completely changed the texture of my skin and the radiance. My friend thought I was pregnant because I had such a natural glow! This in combination with the other Bioformula products had my skin at its best. First time I used it, no discomfort!

Kim Aseron
Results are there, it’s a wonderful body wash!

After having an extremely stressful week, my skin has broken out to a level I have never actually seen before. My skin was inflamed, red, and sore. I'm not home and after using some of my skincare to clear up my skin, I noticed my breakout got worse. My cousin recommended this product to me and she let me use some of it. The sensation instantly began to soothe my skin and has significantly lessened the bumps on my skin. I had to buy it because it worked so well. It really does smoothen my skin every after use, and also it lightens my dark spots on the back.

Joanna Eden
Definitely doing something good

I've been on a skincare product kick lately, and I'm learning that a lot of products do very bad things to my skin. I was constantly searching for a product in my skin. It seems to be cleared up my adult dark spots which is mostly from the acne in my back and along my breast. The smell, as everyone else said, is really ideal - but it's not that strong. It's definitely worth putting up with this product for the results.

Hannah Constantine
Great for my Skin!

I was thrilled to get this as a holiday gift because in my experience most Bioformula products are a real treat- this is no exception. I'm one of those people who tends to like products that have delicious scents, and Bioformula is often good at delivering on this experience. Aside from the amazing smell, I really feel like this did a good job of leaving my skin feeling refreshed, supple, and smooth. If I had all the money in the world, I could easily spend a small fortune on their products.

Georgia Ramirez
Refreshing and Brightening!!

All my friends recommend this product to me, so I got to order to see the hype! The smell is fantastic! But after you apply it, it felt like your skin is smoothens and After 20 min your skin really feels smooth and refreshing! It is working! My skin feels soft and is much brighter! I think my dark spots are getting reduced. People who like the smell are going to love it! So give it a shot!

Fionna Laura
My favorite Body Wash yet

Out of all the different body wash brands I’ve used (and trust me I have tried them all) this is hands down my favorite and this new body wash is the best yet! My pores vanished after just one use and it leaves my skin feeling clean and soft. The body wash smells amazing and is so cute and aesthetic! It applies super easily and feels great on my skin. I love using a silicone brush/paddle to apply my body wash, it keeps my hands clean and makes application super easy. This is definitely going to be my go-to gift for all my friends.

If you're looking for a great body wash, this is for you!

I used this product a few days ago and I waited to write a review because I wanted to see if it would cause any damage to my super sensitive skin. When I applied the body wash, I felt a little tingly feeling, so I was worried that it was going to be harsh on my skin, but it wasn't at all! It was easy to apply and smells amazing. When it lasted on your skin, it was VERY easy to remove. Usually, I have to take a washcloth and scrub at my skin, but you can remove this body wash with just water and your hands. After I removed the body wash, my skin was silky smooth! I mean, AMAZINGLY smooth! I also noticed that my dark spot is getting lighter. I did the whole mask before bed and I was so happy to go to bed with a clean, pure smell on my skin.

Sandra Tims
This body wash has blown me away!

First off, my skin looks way brighter and healthier after the first use. It has a light texture and it does not irritates when applied to my skin, which I typically have a problem with when it comes to body wash. It does not have a strong smell and has an amazing color to it. It does not leave my skin dry, but my skin still feels clean. Bioformula has me blown away with this body wash, and I already know it will become a staple in my skincare routine.

Astrid wick
This lift up my confidence

This Body wash was extremely detoxifying and nourishing for my skin. I suffer from oily skin on the face, Dark spots on my body and it’s so bad sometimes I choose to leave the house for a short time before my face starts getting oily. It looks shiny and wet when it’s caused by the oil. Makeup makes it worse. This product has tremendously helped all day keeping my skin smooth and not nearly as greasy as it gets. I can’t begin to tell you how clean and conditioned it felt afterward. The scent is amazing! It’s the best smelling body wash I’ve used yet! It feels so nice on your skin. It’s simple to use. Easy application and removal without any irritation! Not to mention the minimal appearance of my pores after usage. I love how smooth the product is and how smooth it leaves my skin and comes off the skin. I’ve noticed a nicer glow about my skin since using and I highly recommend this product!

Pamela Swing
This body wash exceeded my expectations

I thought this would just be another just a good smelling body wash that would leave my skin irritated and dry. However, this mask has pleasant smell that just adds to the relaxation of a face mask. With the mask on I don't feel any bad tingling or anything indicating that it is irritating my skin. Rinsing off the body wash is quick and easier than other body wash I've tried. The body wash leaves my skin feeling clean, but not dry, and it is really smooth. It’s as if I don't even need to put lotion on my body afterward.

I haven’t noticed any improvement in my dark spots as of right now but I will keep using the product. Only time will tell.

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