Preventing Blackheads Tips & Tricks

Every woman who desires to have a perfect skin always seems to have knowledge thirst on how to care and maintain her skin. Have you ever met a lady whose skin made you ask, what magic are you using to care for that skin? You might be using so expensive creams for that skin to look the way it is.

To save you from having some kind of embarrassing skin, the following tips and tricks will help you take proper care of your skin.

Take plenty of liquids

Here, you are not just required to take any kind of liquids. No, take the right beverages especially those packed with chlorophyll to keep your skin hydrated, oxygenated and brightened. It also helps in stimulation of your lymphatic system, so consider taking enough of it every morning.

•Maintain healthy diets

Joanna Vargas advises on the need to take foods rich in Omega-3 in order to help your skin remain hydrated. She further stresses the role played by flax seeds on retaining moisture as they are among the omega-3 boosters. One also needs to mind eating foods that contain a low content of the glycemic index.

•Be mindful of the skin products you apply

Dr. Tzu advises against the use of more than two skin care products. According to her, a mixture of those products can make your skin pores get clogged and make your skin have breakouts.

•Hydration is a crucial part of skin care

Dr. Mona Gohara, a dermatologist in Connecticut says that enough water is required for one to have ample radiance. She further advises that one should select those products with hydrating formulas. Also ensure that you take enough water, at least 8 glasses per day.

•Sleep well and on clean smooth pillowcases

Sleeping for eight hours a day is not just enough. Ensure the pillowcases you sleep on are smooth and clean to prevent wrinkles and creases from your skin.

Dirty pillowcases can subject your skin to infections.

•Clean your makeup brushes regularly

Your concealer and foundation brushes need to be cleaned at regular intervals, at least once in a week. This is very important because it helps in preventing skin pores from clogging in addition to preventing skin infections. The brushes that you use around the eyes need to be cleaned twice a month. Cleaning the other brushes one a month is quite enough.

•Don't stay so close to the heat source

Most would think that the sun is the only heat source that is risky to the skin, but staying close to the fireplaces can equally have dangerous skin effects. Direct heat exposure can cause collagen breakdown as well as skin inflammation. Dr. Palmer recommends that the closest that one can stay is ten feet from the heat source.

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