Adult Acne: Get that smooth face back

Adult acne is a very embarrassing problem and can result in low self esteem. There is a common belief that acne issues cease after the teenage stage. However, research shows that approximately a quarter of women within the 31 to 40 age bracket have acne issues. It is not uncommon to have a sprinkling of pimples on your face as your face starts wrinkling. Getting to the root cause of the problem is the best remedy for adult acne. Teenage acne is different from adult acne and should be dealt with differently.

Types of acne

Before embarking on acne treatment, it is advisable that you first find out the exact type of acne affecting you. Different types of acne affect various parts of the body. T-zone acne, which affects the brow, the nose, and the chin, is different from acne affecting the neck and the jaw regions. Acne affecting the neck and jaw areas is caused by hormonal imbalances in the body and is more prevalent among women.

Food allergies

Intolerance and allergy to some specific types of foods can cause acne. Most common foods known to cause acne in adults are Wheat and Gluten. However, different people are allergic to different foods and the list can vary from one person to another. Contrary to myths, chocolate does not cause acne. The best treatment for acne caused by food intolerance, is avoiding the foods that trigger these allergic reactions or taking the necessary antibiotics. One of the most effective antibiotics is doxycycline.

Skin moisturization

Unlike teenage acne, when treating adult acne, more skin moisturization is necessary because as people get older, their skin tends to get drier. Hypoallergenic moisturizers have been found to be very effective. This can produce excellent results if combined with sunscreen, as it will not only heal the acne but also slow down aging. After bathing, avoid rubbing your skin dry as this will worsen the situation.

Hormonal changes

Acne is more prevalent in women than their male counterparts within any age group. This trend is caused by extra hormone-inducing processes in females. First, menopause triggers a change in hormonal levels in the body. This change is known to cause acne. Second, halting or changing birth control pills causes hormonal imbalance likely to trigger the same. Pregnancy too is associated with acne as hormonal changes accompany it. It is hence advisable to involve a doctor when selecting the most suitable birth control pill.


Mental stress is another major cause of acne in adults. Engaging in stress relieving practices more often goes a long way in doing away with stress type of acne. This includes physical exercise as it triggers sweating hence helping to remove any dirt or waste that might have clogged the sweat pores. A warm bath after the exercise will help wash away the dirt.

Skin care

You should always use only the prescribed skin care practices on your skin. It is thus advisable that you seek professional advice from a dermatologist on the skin care practices that best suit you as different skin care products suit different people. Substances that are harsh on the skin like salicylic acid and benzyl peroxide should be avoided at all costs. Many products that are gentle on the skin are available in the market today. Anti-Acne Treatment can also help in eradicating stubborn acne on your skin.

In severe cases, acne can be removed through surgery. Acne surgery is accompanied by the appropriate medical precautions and procedures. Squeezing pimples is not advisable as this causes ugly spots and in some cases, infection. Picking results in acne spreading, hence their removal should be left only to a professional medic. If a scar appears, don't panic as there are many products in the market that can help conceal it!