5 Skin Care Myths You Should Be Aware Of

Separating fact from fiction is one of the most challenging things when it comes to skin care. Now that there are thousands of articles about skin care floating around, which one do you trust? A slight mistake can cause permanent damage to your skin! You need to stay informed.

Fortunately, we have collected the top myths about skin care to help you take care of your skin like an expert. Read on to learn more.

Myth #1: No Need for Sunscreen in Winter

If you only wear sunscreen in summer, you need a skin care lesson right now!

One of the primary causes of skin aging today is the UV rays. So, the best thing is to stay protected throughout the year. Don’t get fooled by the cloudy and chilly weather, the sun still passes through clouds, and that’s how you get sunburns.

You can even get sunburns when there’s snow. This happens because the snow reflects sun rays. You still don’t believe this? Look at the incredible sunburns snowboarders get.

Myth #2: Skip the Moisturizer if Your Skin is Oily

You’ve probably heard this lately. Your oily skin still needs a moisturizer!

If you skip a moisturizer, the skin will try to create its own. It’ll produce too much sebum that’s not good for you. Finally, the skin will be oiler, and the risks of breakouts will be higher. You can’t go wrong by using a moisturizer.

Myth #3: Hot Water is the Best for Opening Pores

We all like a hot shower, but it’s not the best for your skin. Yes, it opens your pores, but steaming is the recommended instead of direct contact with the water.

The truth is that hot water dries the skin by stripping off beneficial oils. Sadly, no product can make up for that lack of moisture. Rinse the face with lukewarm water and allow it to dry before applying other products. Hire a professional to do the steaming.

Myth #4: Your skin and Diet aren’t Related

You are what you eat! A poor diet not only leads to decreased energy levels but also gives you a dull complexion. For instance, sugar changes elastin and collagen fiber in your skin, leading to premature aging of the skin. Caffeine and alcohol also dehydrate it.

Myth #5: The skin Type Never Changes

Your skin type changes throughout due to environmental, hormonal, and seasonal factors. Most people’s skin is a combination of different levels of dry and oily. Adult acne is a good sign of changing skin type.

These myths have misguided millions of people and have led to significant losses of money on unnecessary skin care treatment. Now that you know the truth, you’re a step ahead in achieving that flawless, youthful skin.