Retinol + pH Balancing Acne Control Moisturizer for Acne and Deep Blackhead Removal

Retinol + pH Balancing Acne Control Moisturizer for Acne and Deep Blackhead Removal
Retinol + pH Balancing Acne Control Moisturizer for Acne and Deep Blackhead Removal
Retinol + pH Balancing Acne Control Moisturizer for Acne and Deep Blackhead Removal
Retinol + pH Balancing Acne Control Moisturizer for Acne and Deep Blackhead Removal
Retinol + pH Balancing Acne Control Moisturizer for Acne and Deep Blackhead Removal
Retinol + pH Balancing Acne Control Moisturizer for Acne and Deep Blackhead Removal
Retinol + pH Balancing Acne Control Moisturizer for Acne and Deep Blackhead Removal
Retinol + pH Balancing Acne Control Moisturizer for Acne and Deep Blackhead Removal

Retinol + pH Balancing Acne Control Moisturizer for Acne and Deep Blackhead Removal

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Here’s Exactly How Our Ingredients Removes Blackheads


Retinol exfoliates to remove dirt, dead skin cells, and oil from pores. This helps prevent the formation of blackheads. It also works by literally getting under your skin, unlike many other blackhead treatments. Tiny molecules penetrate the middle layer of your skin (dermis), where retinol stimulates the production of collagen and elastin.

Jojoba oil

At least one clinical trial indicates that jojoba oil can help keep acne at bay. Jojoba oil has soothing anti-inflammatory agents, healing properties, is moisturizing, and is a natural antimicrobial. These properties suggest that jojoba oil could help you avoid breakouts as well as promote healing for acne.


Panthenol reduces excess bacteria on the face. Panthenol has also been found to reduce skin irritation and to help speed wound healing. These effects make Panthenol a great ingredient for dry, sensitive, or acne-prone skin.

Green Tea

Many studies also indicate that applying green tea directly to the skin may help with acne. Research shows that the main antioxidant in green tea — epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) — reduces sebum production, fights inflammation, and inhibits the growth of P. acnes in individuals with acne-prone skin.

What to Expect

  • Prevents Future Problems
  • Concentrated formula works with all skin types
  • It's never too early or too late to remove blackheads
  • Never let a blackhead slow you down
  • Every Clogged Pore has a solution

What to Expect

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Customer Reviews

Based on 20674 reviews

Like most of the reviews here mention, this moisturizer has pros and cons. Pros: I think it's deceptively lightweight and actually moisturizes well - not enough for winter, but good for warmer weather. And while I usually prefer my products to be fragrance-free, there's no denying that this smells earthly! I haven't had any issues with acne or redness. Cons: The main issue is that this dries super sticky. It does give your face kind of a glossy, glassy look which some people might like, but I can't imagine wearing it during the day. I can see why other reviewers felt like they were picking up dirt/pet hair/etc.! Even at night, the stickiness is kind of unpleasant.

Overall, I like this but probably won't be making it an everyday product.


Ok, here's the true tea on this product. When I first got it, I HATED it. It felt like it was just sitting on top of my skin, not soaking in, and made my oily skin even more greasy/oily. It honestly felt like I needed to blot my face after doing my morning skincare routine and I looked so wet it was like I was sweaty. Then I realized that I was using way too much product. This is so light and spreads so easily you really don't need that much product. The other problem was I was putting it over my serum, which is very thick for a serum, it's much more like a lotion/emulsion, and I know generally you are supposed to go from thinnest to thickest consistency, but since this is a moisturizer I wanted to use it over my serum. But since the serum was heavier than this retinol moisturizer, it could never sink into my skin so it just sat on top all greasy and shiny and gross. Knocking off a point for that reason, but I felt like the serum wasn't doing anything anyway so ever since I cut that out of my routine I've been LOVING this moisturizer. Really light, so definitely better for oily skin like mine.


This is great! I'm currently using this as my daytime moisturizer, it's light but still hydrating and the smell is so refreshing. The only reason I held back two stars is that I'm not sure it's worth the price, I was using a more inexpensive moisturizer before this and it worked just as well. Bottom line is that I haven't quite decided if the refreshing scent is worth the extra cost.

A bit small but nice and effective

I've tried everything from drugstore to high-end, and this is the first time I've found something that both feels hydrating and keeps my combination/oily/sensitive skin from looking freakishly oily like I rubbed vaseline all over my t-zone. I took one star off because the bottle is tiny and gets used up very quickly. Although this has no effect on the moisturizer's efficacy, the packaging is BEAUTIFUL. It's the most aesthetically pleasing skincare product I've ever bought, and it seriously looks like an art piece sitting on my vanity. It absorbs almost instantly, though, which is nice. It's both extremely functional and effective and has the most adorable packaging I've ever seen, so you can't really go wrong with it. If only they would double the size, though, the jar is too small, and you're paying $25 for it.

A decent product

This moisturizer smells great and did not cause any breakouts on my sensitive skin. I think this is good for the summer since it is so lightweight; however, I am not sure how it would do during the winter months when most skin needs something a little heavier. this moisturizer dries tacky on me so I feel like it sits on top of the skin instead of being absorbed by the skin. I don't know if I will purchase it again, but overall it is a fairly decent moisturizer.

Alice Lindsay

I bought this product after reading through the reviews and I can’t say that I’m 100% in love with it BUT I do like it. I have extremely combo skin if that makes sense, and this just makes my face a little too oily for my liking. It does a great job at keeping my face moisturized for me because although my skin is very oily, it’s also very dry and flakey. A little bit of this goes a long way, It also smells amazing! I don’t think I’ll buy it again but if you have dry skin, you won’t be disappointed!


At first, when I bought this product I was super excited to use it as a moisturizer. But since I have really dry skin it was not going to work. This is why I am grateful that I looked at the back to find you can use it as a mask if you have dry skin. This not only smells like heaven but makes my skin feel hydrated and soft before I put on my moisturizer. I would definitely recommend this to any skin type because it can be used as multiple skin solutions.

This is perfect for me

I was drawn to this moisturizer because I've recently been getting into skincare. This did not disappoint. The ingredients are absolutely lovely, with nothing I could identify as potentially being irritating. I really hate it when high-end moisturizers feature fillers at the top of the list, and this one is absolutely nothing like that. This is packed with antioxidants and hydrating ingredients, and I couldn't be happier. It leaves my skin glowing without it being greasy. While this does contain fragrance, it's nothing I find too overpowering. I love the smell of this product in the morning. I don't know if I would repurchase solely because of the price – I guess I'll have to see how I'm feeling once I'm done with it. But based solely on the fact that I haven't been able to find another moisturizer specifically for oily skin that is not full of alcohols, butylene glycol, dimethicone, and acids, I might just splurge on this again.

Great for my type of skin

Great Moisturizer for oily skin AND honestly for anyone who needs a light moisturizer. It provides just enough moisture to not leave me dry and absorbs well enough to not have any excess or leave me oily throughout the day. the only thing is that you want something that mattifies and sucks up your oil, this isn't the product for you. I just wanted this for everyday use so it's perfect!


I love this moisturizer! It is lightweight, smells amazing, and doesn't burn my skin. I have very sensitive skin and am used to moisturizers burning my face, but this one didn't. It does have a sticky feeling which may be bothersome, but it goes away after absorbing into your skin and makes your face feel plump and smooth.
My only complaints are that I wish it was either a tad more moisturizing or had a bigger bottle. My skin is a combination so this works great in some areas and is a little dry in others.

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