Cream for Discoloration Defense

Cream for Discoloration Defense
Cream for Discoloration Defense
Cream for Discoloration Defense

Cream for Discoloration Defense

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Tough on Dark Spots. Safe on Skin.

What to Expect

  • Prevents Future Problems
  • Concentrated formula works with all skin types
  • It's never too early or too late to treat dark spots
  • Never let Melasma slow you down
  • Melasma has a solution

What to Expect

Ingredients that Get The Job Done

Step 1

Remove Dark Spots

Step 2

Color Correcting

Step 3

Even Skin Tone

Step 1

Remove Dark Spots

Step 2

Color Correcting

Step 3

Even Skin Tone

More information

More information

Customer Reviews

Based on 10038 reviews
This product works really well at exfoliating my skin.

I used to go out in the sun a lot without sunscreen and developed these really obvious dark spots on my face and especially prominent around my mouth. It works immediately at exfoliation and over time my dark spots LITERALLY started DISAPPEARING and going back to my normal skin tone!!! I have enough confidence to go to work and go out in the evening without make-up, which is crazy because I used to always wear makeup even if it was just concealer or powder.

I’ve applied it by putting the product straight into my hands and onto my face. My skin will start to kind of “peel” off, but it doesn’t hurt! Just looks like dirty pieces of skin are coming off my face. I don’t have sensitive skin but I also don’t have non-sensitive skin and this doesn’t irritate my skin, it feels super gentle!

It’s definitely on the more expensive side but the bottle is really big. A little goes a long way.

I feel bad the person below didn’t get any results but it definitely worked for me! I have combo skin and I’m in my 20s if it makes a difference. Wish I was rich so I could get one of these for the discoloration on my tummy and arms :( haha but for my face it’s definitely worth it in my opinion!

Irish V.
I'm not scared of the sun, because of this product!

I am a white woman born and raised in Hawaii and have had to deal with getting way more sun than I ever wanted to - on a daily basis for my whole life. I've been sunburned basically every day for 20 years. I don't love sunscreen in general because it's often like applying a layer of glue to your skin when your body temperature is already way too high because it's 90 degrees out! I've just been dealing with it and taking my constant sunburns in stride, because if I apply a heavy cream of sunscreen I get sunstroke from the heat and blistery bumps all over my body, and a headache - which is strangely worse than having a sunburn that hurts so bad I can't sleep all night. Too bad I'm a blue-eyed, freckled blonde instead of an Italian or something...

So, my sister found this product and kept telling me about it and I was not that interested as I gave up hope of finding a good sunscreen years ago (I'm 40 years old now), and so finally she insisted that I try this and sprayed it all over me without my consent, and it was amazing! It smells like an Island cocktail, fruity and coconutty with a hint of alcohol smell (must be the carrying agent for the sunscreen product) and it even tastes OK, as everyone has inadvertently licked their lips with sunscreen on, and MY GOD does it work!!!! I mean WOW!!! I'm buying 3 bottles right now, just in case they change the formula.

I spent 3 hours in direct sunlight and didn't even get red - and I didn't reapply either (my normal timeline for sunburn is about 15 minutes of direct sunlight). I'M IN SHOCK AS TO HOW GOOD THIS PRODUCT IS. I feel bad for the ozone layer since it's a spray bottle and not a pump, but I'll give up all other spray bottles just to have this product. LOVE IT!!!

Mrs Kim
I enjoyed the oily feeling dissipates after an hour or so, this just really works for me!

Update: May - Around summer 2020 had several heatwaves of 90-100 degrees over the summer. Wasn't able to keep the sunscreen in a temperature-controlled environment. As a result, the oils separated from the titanium oxide. The sunscreen had a clumpy fraction and a watery/oily fraction. Pretty sad it was ruined and had to chuck it.

Bought this sunscreen to replace the generic stuff I have. I feel like I'm reviewing a beer.

Smell: Great. Very natural and clean smell that's refreshing. It is low-key. I didn't want something that screams "I GOT SUNBLOCK ON!!" I got what I wanted, a sunblock that smells nice. Honestly, my masculinity goes through the roof with this smell. I smell like a classy man who knows what's up. Keep my skin healthy now and be a suave-looking gentleman later.

Texture: This is a lot thicker or more viscous than ordinary sunscreen. I found myself dabbing little spots over my skin and then spreading it. My wife disliked the viscosity property, as she is use to putting a good dollop on one spot and spreading it. She said she would use it for her face or small areas, but not arms and legs. It made me look really pale when I spread a lot in one area. I got mixed feelings here. The consistency could be a little thinner to help spreading. I also feel it is great the way it is.

Feeling: This feels a lot smoother on the skin. It did not leave my skin tacky or too oily. It feels like I just put on some body lotion, honestly nothing more than that feeling. I enjoyed that the oily feeling dissipates after an hour or so. Ordinary sunblock makes me feel like I'm going to break out in pimples hours afterwards. I just dislike that oily residue that smears on everything after putting on ordinary sunblock. This product I don't notice after an hour. Just yesterday I went walking around beaches and small coastal towns. Got home late and went to bed. There is no oily residue that I'd be worried about getting onto my sheets. Woke up to write this review and my skin feels nice and smooth.

Appearance: White lotion in a brown bottle. Picture is accurate. Heck I don't know why I have this section.

Would I buy again: Yup. Good stuff. Anything to prevent the associated costs of getting skin cancer. Worth it. Feels good. Smells good. Is good.

Carmela S
I did notice a slight fading of my age spots! I like the results so far!

I have tried so many different products to get rid of the dark spots on my face (sunspots and acne scars) and nothing has worked…or I gave up before it worked because I wasn’t seeing any results. With this product, I thought I was imagining it because I was seeing results within days. I’ve only been using it a short time but I’m hopeful I’ll get the results I’m looking for.

Results aside, the cream is lightweight, not at all greasy or sticky, has no strong smell, and absorbs quickly. I have sensitive skin and haven’t had any issues with it. I use it at night, but I’m sure it could even be worn under makeup

I did notice a slight fading of my age spots! I wouldn't say it has been a drastic difference, but it has been noticeable and I feel like I don't have to put as much foundation to cover up those spots anymore.

I've been using it for the past week and a half and will continue to use it in hopes that it will fade more! My skin hasn't reacted to the product and the lotion is easy to apply. I am overall happy with how it has worked on my skin so far!.

Kira H.

I bought this mask and had mixed reviews at first but soon came to love it and repurchased it. I did as instructed on the box (multiple times the first time than once a week for 5-10 minutes per session). I didn't really see a difference that justified the price tag.

However, I went back to their website to check the ingredients and noticed that the recommendation on the site said 15-20 minutes. I decided to try that and it made such a difference. My face was glowing right after and a lot of people have even commented that my skin was just glowing. I love it and I use it as my go-to before any special events to guarantee glowing skin.

Marley J.
Miracle worker

After only twice using this product after washing my skin, I have already experienced the magic happening. Amazing Sunscreen! I have 3 daughters and I am 40 years old. I, unfortunately, have melasma from all three pregnancies. Nothing has helped until now. I am literally witnessing my eleven blotchy skin tone become what it once was before my first pregnancy.

Leni R
This prevented my dark spots from getting darker

I work outside sometimes and want to protect my already damaged skin. But I have super sensitive, itchy, eczema skin. The oils in some of these bother me so much, especially when I’m constantly using it every two hours for a whole 12 hours or more.

This is the first one I’ve found that doesn’t not bother me in the slightest. I will continue to buy this specific one until it’s discontinued or I find something else that doesn’t irritate me.

Positives: Doesn’t leave me feeling greasy. Absorbs pretty quickly. Has a great scent. Easy to use. Amazing for sensitive skin and I have not been burned once since using this and I’m on my second bottle. Get it!

Jasmin R
Thick, but works well!

It works! I haven't had a reaction to it (I know that some people have, which is really unfortunate), but so far it's kept me fairly sunburn free! I say "fairly" because I wore it while I was whitewater rafting and the waves continuously washed it off, so I did get a little pink in my legs (which took the brunt of the water) and feet.

It is a really thick product, so a little doesn't seem to go a long way (and you do get that "paler than usual" effect, which isn't saying much for me because I'm already white as a ghost; it makes me look downright vampiric). It hasn't caused me to break out any more than usual, and doesn't feel too greasy, though I can definitely tell it's there.

All in all I'd say this is a good product! It worked where the water didn't splash it off, and I feel a lot better knowing it's coral reef safe. Plus it made my skin soft.

A Natural Sunscreen that Actually Blends In!

I purchased this product for my 21 old daughter who has very light skin and burns easily; she has to wear sunscreen if she's out in the sun at all.

While the store shelves are full of sun-screen products that work well, I would never buy them. They are full of chemicals that have been directly linked to cancer.
Seems illogical to apply sunscreen to prevent skin cancer when the chemicals in the sunscreen have been directly linked to cancer! No thank you.

It took me a long time to find a product that is natural, free of harsh chemicals and most importantly - that works.
I've bought other "natural" sunscreen products but my daughter burned as much with them on as she did with no sunscreen at all.

This one made by BioFormula Select is the best I've found. It is natural and it works well. After a full day on the beach with the outdoor temp being 95 and the sun index factor a 10 (on a scale of 0-10), including trips in and out of the salty ocean, my daughter had NO sunburn (except the base of her neck where she missed a spot and didn't apply it.......)

It's a bit pricy, but id much rather pay for this, than pay for junk that leads to cancer or to pay an oncologist to treat cancer....

Glad I found it; this will be our only sunscreen for as long as it is available.

Maria Y.
It works for me!

Excellent Sunscreen for anyone struggling with redness and acne scars. I don’t normally write reviews for things but I wanted to make sure I did for this. I noticed a reduction in redness and irritation after ONE use. Not to say this will happen for everyone, this is just my own experience, but for me, this sunscreen will be my weekly go to now.

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