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Our App


My skincare should be as smart as my smartphone

“So stop wasting time...”

And Stop Guessing! 


It’s a skincare app that uses machine learning to change the ingredients in your skincare routine as your skin changes

This is How Stop Guessing works

1. The app uses evidence from past experience to learn what works.

2. Scan your face using your phone. The app figures out what customized ingredients your skin needs, based on machine learning and artificial intelligence.

3. Skin care professionals double check to make sure the custom ingredients are right for your skin needs. (For example, they might confirm that your acne is really acne, and not a mosquito bite.) 

4. Subscribe for $29.99 a month. With this subscription, you will receive a data driven cleanser, moisturizer and exfoliator.  Your customized skin care is delivered to your door

5. Stop Guessing monitors changes in your skin through monthly updates. Every month, you take a picture and we look at the success of the ingredients and determine the next steps. As your skin changes, your skincare routine will, too.

The genius behind the Stop Guessing App is that it is using Artificial Intelligence, which research shows can outperform doctors for these kinds of determinations.

So stop guessing and update your skincare routine. 

Download the app for free.

Tap into Stop Guessing for iPhone or Android. Stop wasting time, and Stop Guessing.


Customer Reviews

Based on 313 reviews
Vanessa Kansas

I enjoyed my first time using it and subscribed immediately. Now, I am on my third month and I am delighted on seeing the progress every month. This app will never leave my phone ever!


Amazed by how the app recognizes acne, blackhead, etc., on your face. I really don’t understand technology but I am happy it works the way it works now. I am still not sure if I will get a subscription. I just tried the scanning thing. I am still thinking about it.

Damaris T.

You should install this app. This is helpful and fun at the same time. You get to know your skincare issues while getting the product recommended shipped at your doorstep. How cool is that?


Feels like you’re visiting your personal dermatologist while at the comfort of your home. I just received their products last week but haven’t used them yet due to a busy schedule. Here’s hoping that it will end my fight with acne and blackheads.

B. Frisee

It’s a hassle-free skincare routine. This app will just need to scan your face and you get the results after a minute or two. You will be updated on the progress whether the products you’re using are helping or not. That sounds like magic, right?


Love this app, it’s easy to use and does not crash, unlike any other apps I’ve used.


I always enjoy using the app. The scanning is easy and fast. You just need to wait for a few minutes to get the results of your skin problem and it was amazing that they also get to recommend products. I am still waiting for mine to arrive.

This is a nice experience

I love the products recommended. But I was shocked that shipping was that fast. It took only a few days for my orders to arrive from Bioformula. This is definitely my favorite.

Averyn L.

I love using this app because this really helped me with my acne-prone skin. Easy to use, fast transaction, and very accommodating and responsive customer service. This is really fantastic!


I was amazed by this app. Now I can use my skincare product without worrying about redness or irritation. This app just scan my face and for a few minutes analyzed it. I get to know my skin’s problem (acne and blackhead). I am still waiting for my product to arrive. I am excited!!!