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My skincare should be as smart as my smartphone

“So stop wasting time...”

And Stop Guessing! 


It’s a skincare app that uses machine learning to change the ingredients in your skincare routine as your skin changes

This is How Stop Guessing works

1. The app uses evidence from past experience to learn what works.

2. Scan Face

3. It figures out what ingredients your skin needs

4. And is delivered to your door

… are all available to me after I download the app for Free and subscribe for $24.99 a month. 

When you scan your face, our professionals and doctors check to make sure your skin problems are accurate  (for example, your acne is really acne... and not a mosquito bite).

After we confirm the accuracy of the algorithms, we will greenlight your delivery. 

Stop Guessing monitors the changes in your skin through monthly updates. Every month, you are required to take a picture and through the app we look at the success of the ingredients and determine the next steps. As your skin changes, your skincare routine will, too.

The genius behind the Stop Guessing App is that it is using artificial Intelligence. Research shows that artificial intelligence is at the point where it can outperform doctors.

So stop guessing and update your skincare routine.

Tap into Stop Guessing for iPhone or Android and stop wasting time, and stop guessing.



Customer Reviews

Based on 122 reviews
Emmy Jane

I absolutely love this app, I discovered it 2 weeks ago and I am using it almost every day. It made my life easier when it comes to skincare. You will also be amazed at how it identifies your skin issue just by taking your photo. They have a great UI and friendly user interface. I totally recommend this to everyone who wants to start a routine or already has one.

They deserve it

Normally I don’t leave reviews on apps I use as I can never be bothered, though these app developers are worthy of a review. This is quite a smart app, very smooth to use, and has a lot of options in identifying and addressing your skin issue. This might be confusing to use at first but totally makes sense once you get the hang of it. This is very helpful. They deserve the 5-star.


A super helpful app with lovely aesthetics! No need to keep product boxes around anymore because the app tracks everything that you are using on their line. You can even learn a lot from the daily tips and facts. I love how it also helps me identify my skin issue and provides me the best product to resolve it. This app will be forever on my phone

They hear the customer’s suggestions

I feel like it’s such a great app. Really nice features to track the products that you are using and to correctly categorize the products on my routine. I also like how intuitive it is to edit what I need when I change something in my routine. I constantly see new updates with the most wanted features - that shows the developers are listening to the suggestions we give. That’s a great plus for me.

S. Dela Fuente

LOVE IT!!! Love how easy and user-friendly this is. Really helps me sort out my routine properly. Plus the aesthetics of it are very cute. Would be great if it got widgets for routines and reminders. Just my suggestion but aside from that everything is A+. KUDOS!!


Amazing. Really helped my skin. It’s so organized and easy to navigate. I see other apps that cost money but this is way better and is free. I really recommend this app. This also helps me keep track of the skincare products I use. I appreciate the developer’s work.

Very helpful

OMG!! This app is great. It’s easy to use. I downloaded it a few days ago, when I’m looking for an app to help me with my skin problem and assist me in my skincare routine, then I found this gem. When I start scanning my face, I am delighted that the details are easy to comprehend and they suggest a product that addresses my concern. This looks promising so far.

M. Cissney

5/5. So glad I found this app! Absolutely one of my favorite. Easy to use, well-done developers. It has everything you need here. This app deserves more attention.


I think overall you are doing a great job but the skin analysis can be made better by allowing a more accessible feature on the camera. And a voice guide to have a correct angle rather than the markings. Other than that your work is recommendable. Keep going on! All the best guys. I think you will surely improve this app for the better


Great app! It helps you figure out how your skin is doing and tracks your progress or regression day today. I love💗 how you can see the improvement in your skin. The only thing, I feel like the analyzer doesn't do a great job, for me at least, I notice it missed a few spots and pores. But aside from that, everything is good👏👏👏