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Cucumber Hydrating & Cleansing Mask for Dry Skin

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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Good gel mask overall!

Shipped fast, feels supercooling, and I like the clean and minimalist package. Good gel mask overall. If you’re looking for melanin-friendly products this makes my list of top cleansers for black skin.

Perfect for a dry climate

I’ve worked outside in a dry climate for the last 5 years and it’s really taken a toll on my skin. Even after all the moisturizers I use, my face constantly looked dehydrated, flakey, and it exaggerated my pores. The cucumber hydrating and cleansing mask was a gift and after a few weeks of use my dry patches are gone, my skin doesn’t look red and inflamed, and the best part is it’s completely eliminated the dryness and irritation. My skin literally drinks this stuff up.

If you have chronic dry skin, get this now!

Years of chronic dryness left my face prone to red blotching, the feeling that you need to hide your face due to dryness yuck! This was reduced significantly thanks to the Cucumber water, Copper PCA, and Radish Root in this formula that eliminates inflammation. I’m not surprised that this is their best seller. Get it while you can! It’s perfect year-round but an absolute dream come true for dry skin in winter.

Best for sensitive skin

This product is nearly a miracle! Stop Guessing mask reduces inflammation and redness like nothing else I've used before. Most commercial products aren't quite right for my skin. I'm impressed enough with my experience using this product that I'm willing to experiment with the rest of the brand, particularly the Green Clay mask.


I guess I found the product that gives a 100% good effect. I don't regret it at all!

Thank you!

It gave my skin more life! Thank you. I hope this brand will grow even more.

So Hydrating Game changer !

This is a must for people who have uneven skin tone/blotchy skin like I did! My friend told me about This company and it has done wonders for her skin too!!

I love Stop Guessing!

My eczema has been flaring up for the past year and I have been trying so many different products until a couple months ago I came across this cucumber mask! My eczema has disappeared! I am so happy about this and my skin is so hydrated. This product is literally a godsend!

I like the results

I have tanned skin, and people expect me to have that shiny and smooth look, and that took my confidence away because I look dehydrated. I tried different products that say "moisturizer", but I don't think so. It made my skin, even drier or sometimes unhealthy. I decided to go for an organic and more natural moisturizer until I found this brand, and it made me stick to it. I want to say thank you for keeping my skin smoother and healthier.

So fresh!

My skin feels so fresh after using it! And the jar is really nice :)



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