Body Scrub for Blotches, Dark Spot Removal / Color Correction, Safe Home Treatment, Hydroquinone Maximum Strength

Body Scrub for Blotches, Dark Spot Removal / Color Correction, Safe Home Treatment, Hydroquinone Maximum Strength
Body Scrub for Blotches, Dark Spot Removal / Color Correction, Safe Home Treatment, Hydroquinone Maximum Strength
Body Scrub for Blotches, Dark Spot Removal / Color Correction, Safe Home Treatment, Hydroquinone Maximum Strength
Body Scrub for Blotches, Dark Spot Removal / Color Correction, Safe Home Treatment, Hydroquinone Maximum Strength
Body Scrub for Blotches, Dark Spot Removal / Color Correction, Safe Home Treatment, Hydroquinone Maximum Strength
Body Scrub for Blotches, Dark Spot Removal / Color Correction, Safe Home Treatment, Hydroquinone Maximum Strength
Body Scrub for Blotches, Dark Spot Removal / Color Correction, Safe Home Treatment, Hydroquinone Maximum Strength
Body Scrub for Blotches, Dark Spot Removal / Color Correction, Safe Home Treatment, Hydroquinone Maximum Strength

Body Scrub for Blotches, Dark Spot Removal / Color Correction, Safe Home Treatment, Hydroquinone Maximum Strength

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Tough on Dark Spots. Safe on Skin.

Here’s Exactly How Our Ingredients Treats Dark Spots

Hydroquinone removes dark spots and prevents future dark spots

Hydroquinone removes dark spots by slowing down melanin production, allowing existing spots to fade while preventing new ones from forming.

70% of sufferers notice permanent clearance or reduction in dark spots with twice daily hydroquinone used for three months.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E removes dark spots by its antioxidants, which help repair damaged skin cells, thus making your skin beautiful and free from any blemish.


Activated charcoal removes dark spots by shedding dead skin cells, which makes the appearance of dark spots less visible.

Kaolin Clay

Kaolin removes dark spots by absorbing moisture and impurities and by reducing blemishes.

What to Expect

  • Neutralizes skin discoloration
  • Lightens hyperpigmentation patches
  • Prevents the formation of excess melanin in skin
  • Dims dark spots
  • Fades blotches

What to Expect

Simple and easy to use!


Wash off!

See results!


Wash off!

See results!


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More information

Customer Reviews

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Carmela S
My long time problem of my back blotches are fading!

So I was a bit skeptical about this stuff at first. Overall I really like it and the only con may not apply to others, but it still bears mentioning and knocks a star off for me.

-Maybe it's my skin type or something, but whenever this stuff gets on the back of either hand (and if you use it while showering like I do, it will get all over your hands) it causes an irritating/stinging sensation. Kind of like a light rash. It's bearable now, but when I first used it, I got a bit worried it wouldn't go away (It goes away in a couple of minutes after you wash it off thankfully). This happens sporadically now, but during the first couple of weeks it happened every time. I'm guessing it's the salt in it (it has dead sea salt) as some parts of my skin hate salt water with a passion.

The back of my hands get dry easily, so again that may have something to do with it (shrugs). Luckily, it doesn't do it to my face (what I use it for exclusively) but your mileage may vary.

-It really does a great job reducing the amount of black heads, especially on my nose. I noticed a difference right away and it reduced them overall. (Primary reason for buying it)
-I also like using it as a sort of pre-shave, to clean the oil and dirt around my facial hair, leaving it soft and more exposed. I get a cleaner shave when I use this. (Secondary reason for buying)
-Once I scrub and rinse off, it leaves my facial skin feeling oddly moisturized but not oily or anything (which I find odd, since it has salt) but it really does. I didn't buy it for this, but it's an unforeseen plus for sure.

-Some of the other reviewers don't like the way it smells. I'm in indifferent to it, but it does smell more like a men's product which suits me just fine, since I'm a guy, but I can see why it might turn off ladies as they usually don't like smelling like dove men's charcoal body wash (what it kind of smells like, it's kind of plastic like)

Overall I like it and recommend it. Hopefully the formula only gets better or stays the same, along with the price point. I will continue to buy it, if that is the case.
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Eula A
It faded my lower back blotches and my skin color is more even!

I work in a metal forming facility and noticed that at the end of the day, my skin would feel just icky after being around all the air pollution. So I ordered this and I shower every day when I come home and have been using it.

I have extremely sensitive skin, but I would recommend this product and continue to use it regularly.

This product isn't slippery in the tub/shower. However, it is very messy due to the natural charcoal, the dark residue is easily rinsed away, no harsh scrubbing required...again, because this product is made of natural ingredients. It offers a refreshing deep clean, but be careful if you have sensitive skin, as it is a Charcoal-based product and can cause irritation.

I notice that my pores feel less clogged up and dry and not only that but it helps to get the remaining oil off my arms and hands from working with the parts (even with using gloves). I love it and it smells like black tea. Not perfumey, fruity or too medicinal.

This scrub is something I wanted and waited for for a month. It comes in a beautiful container and was sealed well. The smell on the outside of the seal was not how the scrub was scented,

This said, it's a great scrub that left my skin feeling incredibly smooth and clean. I did need to rinse very well. If you don't, it can leave a black film on the skin.

Lydia Taylor
My back acne scars from blackheads are gone!

This scrub is a winner! It is really tackling my blackheads and exfoliating nicely. I compliment your product. I read a few negative reviews. The ladies that had issues with staining need to go to a medispa or dermatologist. For the skin to stain from a water-soluble product, you have bigger issues than any scrub can help. Your skin is damaged. Normal skin will not do that.

I like this scrub because it has great ingredients and it is not harsh, AND it doesn't smell like a cheap perfume factory. I am so allergic to everything, I am really happy when I find a product that is truly mild.

Remember, with any scrub, don't rub too hard, you can flare acne and damage your skin. You are to rub gently--folks with acne tend to want to scrub too hard which exacerbates that condition.

Rita Aura
I will purchase again for maintenance.

“I love, love, love the Body Scrub! I want to use it as a bath bomb. I used it to improve my crepey skin and brown freckles that have developed over the last 10 years. I was skeptical at first, but I noticed a huge difference by week 3. By week 8, I was elated! I will purchase again for maintenance. Make sure to ALWAYS use sunscreen 50+ SPF every single day!”

Alexandra Wales
I have dark spots on my back. I noticed that they are disappearing but I use it 2x a day.

I am 71 years old and have been using this body scrub for about two weeks. First of all, I don't have any major skin problems. I have been using all-natural products on my face for the last couple of years and noticed a couple of what look like blackheads at the back of my body.

Whether this was caused by the oils I use on my face or just an aging thing, I don't know. At any rate, I decided it was time to look for a facial scrub, and chose this one because of the natural ingredients.

As a facial scrub, I love it. The granules are small and not like rocks and the substance they are in applies easily and fluidly. The directions on the container recommend applying and leaving on your face for 1-3 minutes. Since I don't have a lot of spare time and am always in a hurry, I have managed to leave it on for 1 minute and have used it 3 times per week. I have noticed that the little blackheads around my nose are disappearing, it rinses off easily, and my face feels so much cleaner than it has with other cleansers I have tried.

I do use rose water and a natural moisturizer afterward and have to say that my skin looks brighter and healthier.

Victor Samson
My nasty-looking spot between my leg is fading. I am ready for Summer!

With sensitive skin, I was never a huge fan of scrub products, especially for my face - they always leave that burning sensation with redness on the skin, and I’ve never seen any astonishing results from using it before either. The reason I gave this a try is I happen to have a very nasty-looking spot between my legs. Ever since I gained a large amount of weight, with constant rubbing against each other, there have been a lot of skin problems around the area and I always felt gross about it.

Then I bought this product and noticed a difference after one use. However, it is rougher than other exfoliators I have tried, so I only use it once a week for my face/chest. Doing that and washing my face twice a day (gentle acne treatment cleanser) with maybe using a more gentle exfoliator (I use st Ives oatmeal one) to clear dead or dry skin in between my uses of the charcoal scrub. My sisters also gave it a try after I recommended it to them, and they each came back to me noticing an immediate difference as well. And a little bit of this goes a long way.

You don't need a lot. I do recommend taking a nice warm/hot shower, and then using this product in the shower after you've been in there a while so 1) your pores are opened up 2) due to the crumbly texture any mess gets sent down the drain rather than all over your clothes or sink/counter space.

But for real, I've wasted so much money on products that would claim to eliminate my blackheads/unclog my pores. Please be mindful not to scrub too hard or over any cuts or abrasions. I would recommend this.

Brandon Peters
My Darks spots cause by acne is regenerating, It is a great exfoliator. I can see result after usage

I've been searching for a good face and body scrub for a long time, and too many of them either scratch my face up, burn, or don't feel like they're doing anything at all. Plus there's many that leave behind a heavy residue, or smell bad...the list goes on.

Figured I would try yet another and see how it would turn out. Honestly the first time I used this I was NOT a huge fan. It's a little dry compared to other scrubs - most are kinda like wet sand, and there's lots of oil to provide cohesion.

This stuff isn't drowning in oils, which made it a little messy. The first time I used it over the sink, which was a mistake that left little blackish/gray spots all over my sink and left me paranoid. Do yourself a favor and use this in the shower.

Other than the mess, I found this to be a great product. It felt like it was actually exfoliating without leaving my skin raw (though this might be too much for sensitive skin), has a light, neutral clean smell, and left behind a very light layer of oil that kept my skin feeling soft, clean, and moisturized all day. Overall I was very happy with this product.

Ben Campos
My big pores close and my dark spots are gone , it is a great exfoliator as well.

This scrub was the best thing to happen to my face. It's a great exfoliator and it did decrease the appearance of my pores. Before I purchased it I looked at all the negative reviews to see what was negatively consistent about the product. What was mentioned was that it left a black residue on the face that was hard to come off and that it stained the sink.

Well from my personal experience I'm here to tell you that the face staining didn't happen for me. Be sure to adequately wet your face before application and rinse your face thoroughly. And also use a toner or astringent with a cotton ball/pad to get any residue off. But there has been no staining with me.

As far as the staining with the sink, I used it in my sink and bathtub during a shower. It may have the potential to stain certain surfaces but be sure to rinse the charcoal off the surface as soon as you can to prevent it. Even when I didn't rinse everything right away or I missed spots, it still came off the surface of my sink and bathtub. HOWEVER, even if it did stain my sink_bathtub, the result of my skin would be worth the results of my face! Also! Please be mindful not to scrub too hard or over any cuts or abrasions.

It has salicylic acid in it so it will burn if you do. Anyway, I said enough. I will be buying this again! Please enjoy!

Jayson Martinez
My dark spots are gradually fading. It does burn a little but the texture is nice.

.I'm still waiting on my order as there have been several issues with my deliveries being sent to the wrong location but in the meantime, a family member gave me their product to try (the original reason why I wanted some for myself) and so I followed the link they gave me to get a free bottle instead of waiting on mine.

Hopefully, that makes up for some of the delays in receiving this item.

Now for the review. I have been using this for a couple of weeks and I notice that it does burn a little at first but the texture is nice, not too dry and not too runny, and the smell is lovely.

Overall my skin bumps are way less prominent especially when I follow up my face cleanse with aloe vera gel.

I use it twice a day and my skin feels fresh without being too dry or tight. I've been searching for a nice coconut charcoal blend for my sensitive skin and this does the trick nicely.

Looking forward to seeing bigger and better results as time goes on... Had to return the product to my family member but I Hope, I will receive my original item along with the free second bottle shortly. Thanks for your help!

it worked similar to a microdermabrasion

After reading the reviews I decided to purchase this product. I was unsure as to if it would work for me because different products work differently for different people. The charcoal scrub could actually be renamed charcoal abrasion. For me, it worked similar to a microdermabrasion, however without the $199 price tag. I would recommend this product for anyone looking to remove dead skin/cells and reveal the youthful skin underneath.

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