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My skincare should be as smart as my smartphone

“So stop wasting time...”

And Stop Guessing! 


It’s a skincare app that uses machine learning to change the ingredients in your skincare routine as your skin changes

This is How Stop Guessing works

1. The app uses evidence from past experience to learn what works.

2. Scan your face using your phone. The app figures out what customized ingredients your skin needs, based on machine learning and artificial intelligence.

3. Skin care professionals double check to make sure the custom ingredients are right for your skin needs. (For example, they might confirm that your acne is really acne, and not a mosquito bite.) 

4. Subscribe for $29.99 a month. With this subscription, you will receive a data driven cleanser, moisturizer and exfoliator.  Your customized skin care is delivered to your door

5. Stop Guessing monitors changes in your skin through monthly updates. Every month, you take a picture and we look at the success of the ingredients and determine the next steps. As your skin changes, your skincare routine will, too.

The genius behind the Stop Guessing App is that it is using Artificial Intelligence, which research shows can outperform doctors for these kinds of determinations.

So stop guessing and update your skincare routine. 

Download the app for free.

Tap into Stop Guessing for iPhone or Android. Stop wasting time, and Stop Guessing.


Customer Reviews

Based on 218 reviews
G. Lopez

I've always struggled with blackheads and oily skin. I've tried many different cleansers and scrubs and nothing has helped as bioformula has. Now I don't go a day without using
Their products! My skin feels so much cleaner and everyone tells me that it looks like it's glowing. I am so happy that I downloaded this app and I get to know bioformula


A wonderful app!! I just started using this app after trying so many products with mixed results and so far I am getting great results with the product recommended by this app. I think this one is for keeps.


Easy and fun app to use. Told me exactly what products I should try, and how I could benefit from them! I love the fact that I can get support and customized skin help from the comfort of your home


Amazing results! This product (suggested by the app) has changed my life, it smells so good and leaves my skin feeling clean and fresh after every use.


Stop Guessing is a skincare app that analyzes your skin and based on your results, it customizes acne treatment products that suit you. The app works great for me, is easy to use, everything is simple and clear. My kit consists of a retinol mask, daily scrub, and salicylic acid. After using, my skin is clean, more matte, the pores are narrowed, inflammation becomes less, the skin isn't too dry, as is usual with acne remedies


It’s pretty neat how they can customize a regimen for just you. I just can’t wait to try the products they recommended. I really hope it works for my skin. I can’t take it anymore My skin has never looked so bad due to the pandemic. It’s making me depressed just looking at my face every day. I hope and pray to God this is my miracle Solution to my biggest problem.

Robina Burks

So happy with STOP GUESSING. My face has never been cleaner and softer. I can just scan my face monthly to maintain my glowing and skin and of course to track progress. I love this!!!!!


I’m liking it so far they respond within a day or even the same day. I love how they care about my routine and even give me suggestions I’m looking for a change in my acne and I’m loving it. They are really professional. I’m even suggesting my friends go get the app because of how the products they recommended works well with my skin. Thank you very much. Keep it up!


Great app. Really helped with my acne. The medication is tailored for you and your needs. For me, the treatment made a clear improvement by week 3 and I had no irritation. I wanted to thank the people behind this app. They are genius!!!

Amanda O.P.

Love it. I ended up trying this app because I had the same acne break out right on my chin for over a year now. It'd go away and then a few days later be back just as bad. So when I scan my face and this app suggested product ( I’ve never heard of) - I just took the risk out of desperation. My first-week using bioformula has made a huge difference. Can't wait
to see my results in a few months