Reverse Signs of Aging Faster With These Facial Mask Secrets

by Bold Commerce Collaborator

When it comes to how to use a clay mask, it may seem pretty obvious: paint it onto your face, let it dry until you can’t move your mouth, then rinse off.

But what if there’s more to it?

We know the Stop Guessing Clay Mask is exceptional. But we want you to experience more than the obvious benefits by showing you how to step up the mask application process for faster and more effective results.

Here are 5 cheeky ways to make the most of your new favorite skincare product.

#1 Making Masks Routine

Can you confidently proclaim the skincare benefits you think you’re getting are from your facial masks? With the modern skincare routine containing 4-8 steps and potentially even more products, it’s hard to know what’s doing what!

You may be in love with your night time eye serums, toners, and latest trending essence water - but the Stop Guessing mask is going to enhance every single product used after it. Making its way into your skincare routine, our clay mask is ready to show you what you’ve been missing.

The idea that facial masks are only meant to be used on “treat yourself evenings” or “girls night in” is outdated. Stop Guessing Clay Mask is packed with gentle botanicals that can be used up to 3 times a week. 

Use the mask at the end of the day to rid your skin of makeup, oil, sebum and dirt build-up or use it to prime you pores first thing in the morning. Stop Guessing deep cleans, tightens pores, and preps your face to be more susceptible to absorbing the rest of the products in your skincare routine to amplify their benefits.

Don’t wait for a special occasion. Use your mask regularly to see real results in record time.

#2 Don’t Wait, Exfoliate!

Now it’s time to get creative. Experience the anti-aging, pore minimizing, collagen-boosting benefits of the Stop Guessing Mask on the go.

Sometimes that days go by so fast it can be hard to find the time to let the mask set, dry, and work its magic. Fortunately, you can still get results by using it as an exfoliant.

The green tea and green clay combination make this mask soft enough, when applied with water, to gently exfoliate the top layer of skin leaving if vibrant, refreshed, and soft. It still gives your skin enough time to absorb the hydrating effects of the Organic high oleic safflower oil.

For a quick tone, tightening, and energizing cleans, enjoy your clay mask as an exfoliant.

#3 Spot Treatment to Fight Breakouts

Does it ever feel like your skin has a mind of its own?

One day you wake up and have the most natural glow-from-within look going on. Then, by 4 pm you can feel a stubborn zit nudging its way through your chin. Even though the urge to squeeze and pick at your pimple may arise. Don’t.

Instead, use the Stop Guessing Clay Mask as a spot treatment. Containing natural acne-fighting ingredients including Tea Tree and Nettle Leaf, using the mask on stubborn areas or over a breakout will draw oil and sebum out of the pores, smooth texture, hydrate, and close the pores to avoid infection or spreading.

To treat breakout or for a little extra healing, apply a tiny layer over individual zits or a small area of the face after cleansing. Leave the mask on to dry as you would normally, rinse, and follow the rest of your skincare routine.

#4 Don’t Forget Your Neck

Are you afraid crows feet or smile lines are aging you? 

Chances are it may be the neck and decolletage that will give a woman’s age away faster!

The skin on your neck is delicate, thin, and loses collagen and elasticity on your face. So why should your mug get all the action!? 

As unconventional as it may feel, putting the Stop Guessing Clay Mask on your neck gives it the same age-rewind treatment as your face without botox, surgery, or toxic ingredients found in conventional anti-aging treatments. 

Heal and treat an aging neck without the use of harsh chemicals that leave skin starved of moisture, nutrients, and vitamins. Botanicals naturally maintain and improve the cellular structure of your skin to help tighten, lift, firm and hydrate while providing a heavy dose of superfood antioxidants for lasting nourishment.

Treat yourself to an at-home neck-lift by expanding the area you cover down to the neck each time you apply your mask. As you would do with your face, allow it to dry thoroughly before rinsing. Finish by using your favorite moisturizer to lock in the anti-aging benefits that the mask has infused deep within your skin.

#5  Heal Every Inch of Your Skin

Why stop at your face and neck? Though the mask is formulated for your face, its ingredients are safe and effective enough for nearly every part of your skin. Breathe botanical life back into the areas of your skin that are prone to drying, flaking, irritation, or dullness.

Common areas to apply your clay mask that isn’t your face or neck include

  • Hands
  • Feet
  • Knees
  • Elbow
  • Back
  • Or Chest

There’s a reason mud baths are so popular! Instead of booking a $300 mud bath at some far-away resort, reach for the Stop Guessing Clay Mask and apply a thin layer of the parts of your body that could use a deep clean pick-me-up.

The Green Clay and Tea Tree Oil draw out the sebum, dirt, pollution and other toxins that get packed deep below the skin’s surface. Green Clay gently attaches to pollutants while Tea Tree oil fights bacteria and heals sores, acne, and general redness and irritation.

Hyaluronic Acid will also be infused into the dryest parts of your skin in order to draw water below the surface for lasting hydration. Safflower and Jojoba Seed Oil create a protective “extra skin” layer that keeps water from evaporating and leaves a soft, supple finish.

BioFormula Select masks are designed to reverse signs of aging and restore health to your face. But we thought it shouldn’t have all the fun. So, if you’re feeling extra inspired to treat the rest of your skin to some all-natural TLC, experiment with any of our wildly unconventional but effective methods.

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